PCB for Web Radio based on the popular ESP32 mcrocontroller.

This is the new version 1.2 of the pcb with 2 additional components: a micro usb connector and a 100 uF electrolithic capacitor.

In the photo of the assembled web radio we still show the older green board (sorry for that)

On the new (black) board we added a power connector, skipped the schottky diode in the power line, and use a through-hole capacitor that's easier to solder than an smd capacitor.

You can buy the other components wherever you want, AliExpress, Banggood, we have no affiliation with any of them.

For more info, see GitHub project: ESP32 Web Radio.

Dimensions: 80 x 80 mm

Bill of Material
If a component is not available from a seller, try another seller that offers the same components.

Where to find the components for the webradio on AliExpress:

1 x PAM8403 5V DC Audio Amplifier Board
The switch in the potmeter of the PAM switches the power to the radio on and off.

The transformers have a primary and secundary side.
One side has a small dot (see photos).
Place the transformer on the pcb and align the dots.

You can also use 5W 8 ohm speakers.

If you only use the web interface to control the radio you don't need the push buttons.

The PCB uses GPIO 16 for the DCS pin of the VS1053, so set this accordingly in defaultprefs.h:
pin_vs_dcs = 16 # GPIO Pin number for VS1053 "DCS"
Also, use the config page of the webinterface to change settings including pin_vs_dcs.



ESP32 (M5Stack Basic Core)

Flash Memory




Clock Speed


Operating Voltage

3.3/ 5 Volt

Power Supply Voltage

5 Volt

Operating Current

Standby mode: 160~260 mA

Active mode:     400~700 mA

Audio Codec


Stereo Audio Booster



PCB Layout

Web Radio PCB Board v1.2

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